Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cute Frog Song for Children (Counting from 1 to 10)

I strongly believe that one of the most important missions of a teacher is to evoke children's love for learning. That's why educator's essential task is to make his/her lessons as less boring as possible. It's especially true when you work with little kids like I do. So my strategy is to use funny songs and characters during my ESL lessons. And my now song about a cute frog who can count can be another tool to turn learning English into an exiting process for kids.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Phonics Flashcards (Long E Vowel)

Referring to my previous posts dedicated to the series of phonics flashcards I continue publishing other phonics sets. Here is a set of flashcards including the words with the long E sound [i:].

There are not many words with such phonograms but I've done my best to collect them. Cards №№ 85-92 include the following phonograms: e, ee, ea, i, ie, ei.

phonics flashcards long e sound
Phonics flashcard: long e [i:] sound

phonics flashcards for children long e sound

Enjoy teaching phonics to your young learners!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I Can. Action Verbs Song for Kids (+ Flashcards and Worksheets)

My vacation is over and I am back to share my new songs, worksheets and other educational materials to help ESL teachers make their English lessons more fun and engaging.

Here is my new song I have written to teach the verb “can”, some action verbs and names of animals. This very simple song is suitable for fun activities while singing even with the smallest children. For example, in the course of singing the song kids could repeat actions of animals as seen in the little cartoon below which would certainly stimulate young learners’ cognition and memory.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring Song for Children (+ Worksheets)

Spring is a long-expected season of the year especially in those parts of the world where winter is cold and snowy. So spring is a big deal for kids over there. People welcome the nature resurrection and work days that are coming back. Sure, the topic of spring cannot be missed in schools and kindergartens all over the world. There are lots of things to talk about spring during English lessons with kids.

To help fellow ESL teachers make their English lessons dedicated to the spring season even more interesting I and my husband have written and animated our own spring song. My husband is the proud author of lyrics but we would have no problem if you use this song for your lessons with kids as long as you indicate our blog as the source. So here are the spring song video and lyrics:

It’s spring,
All trees are getting green.
It’s spring,
It’s such a lovely scene
It’s spring, it’s spring, it’s spring.